February 16, 2011

Monster Blueprints

Thumbnails, storyboards, pre-viz (pre-visualization)... the art of translating the script into a quick and inexpensive vehicle to depict the written word.

While I was writing this script, I would do page breakdowns to determine the amount of info I wanted to have per page.  This script was a little special in that it has these self-contained scenes that I wanted to fit per page.  I knew going into this project that the finished comic pages were going to be of a 3x3 layout... up to a maximum of 9 panels per page.  I also have limited myself to one splash page per issue... which would be the first page of each.

Using non-photo blue pencil, I draw out tight thumbnails... full anatomy, backgrounds, gestures... that are about 1/4 scale of the final comic page.  Some scenes are visualized in 3DS... mostly when it involves structural logistics.  All the word ballons are added for spacing/composition and dialog padding.  I'm using the Joe Kubert font from Comic Book Fonts and I make my own ballons using the Photoshop ellipse and pen tools.

Here are the first 6 thumbnailed pages to the first issue.  Click each to view a larger image.


  1. LOOKS AWESOME!!! Especially that first page -- it's killer!

  2. Those are some pretty detailed "thumbnails" my good man. lol Looks awesome!

  3. how about a REAL MONSTER. Please tell me online which one would work MAGIC or SCIENCE. SEE YOU LATER